As part of Renovalia’s project “Our Future is Green. Educating in environmental awareness” in the frame of the Cooperation Agreement between Puertollano’s Town Council and Renovalia, each park’s renovation will be accompanied by actions and activities to raise awareness about the environment, promote renewable energies, protect nature, and encourage harmonious living in a sustainable, green city.

It should be highlighted that those projects are integrated in the Puertollano’s Urban Development Strategy focused on achieving a city more friendly, green, connected and efficient. It involves EUR 12,5 million of total investment until December 2023, 80% of which is provided by European funding. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policies, Renovalia provides a significant contribution in order to create open, friendly spaces and green areas by enhancing awareness of environmental protection.


«La Ciudad que Queremos» Project in Puertollano

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Renovalia electric charge stations

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«Ciudad de la Esperanza» Project

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