The Environmental Photography Workshop for 12-year-old pupils from the Colegio Público de Valtierra (Navarre) as part of Our Future is Green (“OFG”) project was held at different spots in Bardenas Reales on 15th of November 2022.

One of the aims of the day was to introduce the children to the magnificent natural surroundings of Bardenas Reales Nature Park, declared to be a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, while leveraging the experience to showcase the environmental value of the area. The group took photographs during a walk along a Bardenas gorge, ending up at Renovalia photovoltaic power plant in Valtierra.

How renewable energies work and their benefits for environmental conservation were explained to the children at the plant.

All of these activities fall within the framework of our OFG, Educating for Environmental Awareness project.

To round off the day, a new children’s recreational area was opened in Valtierra, which seeks to foster social harmony among as many groups as possible in this new space. It comprises a skate park, a climbing wall and a zip line.


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