We have added two new projects to our Corporate Social Responsibility actions, both created and developed by La Caixa Foundation and CaixaBank. These are the “Incorpora” programme, aimed at helping people at risk of social exclusion find a job, and the “ReUtilízame” programme, which encourages copanies to donate surplus materials in good condition to non-profit social entities.In 2022, “Incorpora” helped 40,760 people at risk of social exclusion find a job, of which 22,209 were women. It has helped created 1,440 businesses led by “vulnerable” entrepreneurs.

Thanks to “ReUtilízame”, we extend the useful life of materials and provide what social entities and their beneficiaries need, so they can continue to help others as best as possible.

Reusable materials and items have already been supplied to over 600 social entities, such as Cáritas, Food Bank and Red Cross. 100,000 of the items and materials reused have prevented the emission of over 2,000 tons of CO2.


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