Leader in the renewable energy sector, with capabilities in all the steps of the value chain, from the design and development of the facilities to their management and operation.

Our MISSION is to produce and supply renewable energy, wind and solar, according to our customers needs, whether individual customers or the electricity system as a whole.

Our VISION is to be a leading platform for service provision in the renewable energy sector, covering all the steps of the value chain, from the desing and development of the facilities through to their management and operation.


Renovalia’s VALUES guide our strategy and determine how we understand and develop the business in every country in which we are present.

We respect the idiosyncrasies of the communities in which we operate, their culture and customs. We also respect everyone we work with and consider the consequences of our decisions on those persons who may be affected by them.

We share with our stakeholders the decisions we take and the reasons that lead us to them, so that they can participate in the area that affects them.

We believe that the success and satisfaction of our stakeholders is achieved through excellence and hard work. We are committed to excellence by involving our professionals and developing our projects with a clear focus on obtaining quality results for stakeholders.

We carry out all activities in a safe and secure environment. The safety of employees, facilities and the communities in which we work is our priority. We adopt the best practices in occupational health and safety, promoting training, integration and continuous improvement.

We are committed to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate, as well as the well-being of employees, customers, suppliers and citizens affected by our activities. Renovalia’s aim is to support the development of persons with whom it comes into contact with.


Brief review of some of the main milestones in our history


Renovalia stems from Grupo Forlasa, a Spanish food company founded by the Ortega Family more than 40 years ago. The entrepenurial spirit of the family led them to supply energy to their food business with an environmentally friendly approach.


Beginning of renewable business in Grupo Forlasa.

Developed mini-hydro, wind power and solar technologies where it had operating foodprint.


#1PV plant developed. Fully integrated PV platform with presence in all development/construction, operation and management processes.

Internationalization #1 wind farm in Hungary.

Increasing internationalization in mature and attractive renewable energy markets.


Divestment of Food Business.

Renewable becomes core business.


Renovalia starts partnering up with financial investors (First Reserve).


Enter mexican wind market.

Renovalia has kept a sustainable pace of growth, leading it to become the 1st IPP in Spain and in Mexico.

Step further in the internationalization of the Group through the development of the largest wind portfolio in Mexico at the time.


Cerberus becames 100% owner of Renovalia to further expand the business through inorganic growth.

212MW acquired in 2015 and 2016.


Following several changes in the regulatory environment that introduced some challenges in the development of new installations, the Group turned its focus onto inorganic growth opportunities.

As a consequence, four acquisitions totaling 215Mws were completed in this period. In 2016 and 2017 Renovalia acquired 45Mws of PV plants as well as 170Mws of wind farms.

Likewise, as part of this “buy and fix strategy” put in place by the Group, 422Mws of wind farms were sold in 2019.


F2i, the leading Italian infrastructure fund, acquires Renovalia.

The acquisition is made by the fund’s EF Solare subsidiary and involves in excess of 1.000 MW of solar power, in addition to the 853 MW already generated in Italy by EF Solare.


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José Manuel Olea Avilés


Tomas Martín-Peñato Finance Director
Pilar Gil Acacio


Adolfo Gil

Compliance & CSR

Itziar Ortiz Hurtado

HR & Insurances Director

Rocío Espinosa Prados Business Development
Carlos Blázquez Cuesta Treasury Director
José Luis Revillo Alegre Accounting Director
Juan Roldan Romero

O&M Director

Sergio González Peinado Country Manager Mexico
Carlos Basagoiti Comenge Country Manager Chile
Manuel Martinez Lozano

Head of O&M Administration



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