Renewal of the Aerogubiños Social Project Agreement

On 13th January last, it was signed the agreement renewal of the Aerogubiños Social Project until June 2023.

The agreement was signed by DEMEX – Renovalia’s company in Mexico -,  Bimbo and the NGOs Cesal and Crecemos with coordination by the Real Madrid Foundation.

This action is designed through a comprehensive approach to improve the well-being of the child population and therefore of Oaxaca’s families (Mexico) through the following integrated approach: promotion of sports and the values it entails, academic and nutritional reinforcement (*), social cohesion and environmental awareness through Renovalia’s project “Our Future is Green”.

This confirms Renovalia’s long-term commitment to the communities in which it operates.

(*) According to a study conducted by UNICEF, Oaxaca ranks second in Mexico in nutritional risk and school drop-out rates.