Actions for the Community 

In Renovalia, we have focused on helping, as much as possible, the most vulnerable groups and children in the communities where we are present.

Protective masks have been distributed to all staff who take care for the elderly everyday. This action has taken place in “Nuestra Señora de la Caridad” Retirement Home of Villarrobledo, in “Pocitas del Prior”, “Albertia” and “Fuente Agria” Retirement Homes of Puertollano, in “San Pedro” Retirement Home of Carmona and in the Retirement Home of Yebra.

We have also responded to the request of the City Councils, which have unanimously asked us for child protection masks. In this sense, we have provided reusable masks, with BFE and UNE certificates, for all children between 3 and 12 years old in Puertollano, Carmona, Campillos, Almogía, Valtierra, Almonacid y Zorita de los Canes.