Through sport, Renovalia fulfils one of the objectives of its Our Future is Green (“OFG”) project: to create environmental awareness among schoolchildren.

For this reason, Renovalia has joined the Renovalia CSR actions «Copa Colegial», of which we are sponsors and through which we carry out actions to raise awareness among schoolchildren about the need to protect our planet.

As part of these actions, Renovalia sponsors the «Jamboree Anselmo Lopez», the largest mini-basketball collegiate meeting in Spain, which is a unique coexistence event that combines education, environmental awareness, nature and basketball. It was held in the Sierra de Guadarrama in Madrid from 14 to 16 June.

The Jamboree is based on 3 fundamental values: (i) Sport, through basketball where sportsmanship and fair-play are especially valued, (ii) Coexistence, the children will live together in a natural environment sleeping in Canadian tents and (iii) Nature, the facility where the meeting takes place is in the heart of the Guadarrama National Park.

During this event and within the «OFG» project, Renovalia volunteers carried out educational activities for the participating children, providing them with training on sustainability, environmental awareness and renewable energies.


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