This document regulates the personal data processing policy implemented by Renovalia, specifically detailing the use of the data it manages and defining its privacy policy, hereinafter «Privacy Policy». This document is an integral part of the Disclaimer on Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website and applies to all its services and to any pages and services used to expand the Website in the future («Website»).

The Privacy Policy also describes how to ask Renovalia for information on the data you have provided us with, how to access them, and the procedures implemented by Renovalia to guarantee your privacy.

Updated on June 2018

Identification of the Data Controller.

Renovalia Energy Group, S.L.U., with registered offices in Calle María de Molina, 54, 9th floor, in Madrid (Spain) and with Company Tax Number B-87163820 and telephone number 915904070, will be considered the data controller for all personal data deriving from use of the Website.

The data may also be processed by any of the subsidiaries of Renovalia Energy Group, S.L., in which case the subsidiary that processes the data will be considered the data controller, with the same scope, purpose of processing, legitimacy and duration described in the Disclaimer, the Cookies Policy and this Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data and the information set out below, please do not hesitate to contact Renovalia at the following address:

Likewise, you are hereby informed that Renovalia has a Data Protection Delegate, who can be contacted directly at the following email address: We reserve the right to amend or adapt the Privacy Policy at any time.

Information collected on you and how we use it

You are under no obligation to provide us with any type of information in any section of our website. However, you may voluntarily provide us with your contact data such as, for example, your name, address and postal code, email address, telephone number, as well as any other information on your preferences. The personal data that you furnish to us will be included in a file whose processing controller is Renovalia, and will be processed so that Renovalia, its employees, agents, consultants and subcontractors may process your request for information and employment for professional or other purposes for which you will have provided your consent.

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the forms on the Website are compulsory, meaning any omission could make it impossible to provide the services or information requested.

You must provide truthful information, ensuring that it is up-to-date and does not contain any errors, and report any changes or amendments to your personal data by sending an email to Renovalia at the earliest opportunity, using the Furthermore, by clicking on the «OK» (or equivalent) button included in the aforementioned forms, you declare that the information and data you have provided are accurate and truthful.

Your personal data may be disclosed to the following third parties: (i) administrative, tax, labour or judicial authorities whenever there is a legal obligation incumbent on Renovalia; (ii) auditors for compliance with control obligations; (iii) notaries public whenever they are made public; and (iv) any other third parties to whom data must be transferred by virtue of applicable legislation in each case or as a result of the contractual relationship with Renovalia, with such third parties, in their capacity as Data Processors, being subject to the security and confidentiality obligations.

Except for the above, we do not transfer your personal data to any third party.

We may use aggregate information (IP, operating system, browser and even duration of your visit) and statistics anonymously in order to track use of our Website and thus better develop both the website and our services. Such statistical information will not include information that makes it possible to identify any of the Users.

We will maintain the confidentiality of any information with which you provide us in accordance with our internal procedures for storage, access and disclosure of information, in compliance with all applicable legislation.

Processing of personal data outside the countries of the European Union

Renovalia is an entity that operates on an international level and, therefore, any personal data that you furnish to us may be processed by any of the offices of Renovalia, some of which are located in countries that do not belong to the European Union and which may have personal data protection legislation that is less stringent than what is applied in such territory. However, all offices of the Renovalia will ensure that your personal data will be processed at all times with the same level of protection as the one applicable in the European Union.

Any international transfer of data when using American applications will comply with the Privacy Shield arrangement, which ensures that American software companies comply with European policies on privacy in data protection.

Description of the information contained in the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy includes the following information for each data activity processed by Renovalia:

a) Description of the processing activity.

b) The purpose of the processing of personal data, i.e. the reason your personal data are processed.

c) The legal bases that allow your data to be processed.

d) The possible disclosure of your data to third parties, as well as the cause of such disclosure. Furthermore, your personal data may be accessed by the Company’s data processors, i.e. service providers who need to access your personal data in order to carry out their functions.

e) The existence of potential international data transfers.

f) The retention period for the data you provide us with. You are hereby informed that your data will remain blocked in order to deal with judicial, administrative or fiscal claims during the periods set out in applicable legislation.

You may ask for further details about recipients of your data by sending an email to,

indicating the specific processing you require information on.

CVs that arrive via email, job portals, recruitment pools, by ordinary post or delivered by hand to any Renovalia offices. Management of job candidates in Renovalia recruitment processes. Carry out Renovalia’s recruitment processes. Express consent ofthe job candidate by submitting hislher application. They may be processed by any companies in the Renovalia Energy Group, S.L. These data may be processed by external collaborating consultants inrecruitment processes as data processors, and by Authorities when legally mandated. International data transfers may take place in countries where Renovalia has a working operations centre. These are mainly Mexico, Chile, Italy, Hungary and Canada. One year from the conclusion of the recruitment process, or, where appropriate, ten years after the conclusion of the labour relationship with the hired worker.
Questions asked through the on-line mailbox, or using the email addresses indicated on the Website. Manage queries raised through the inquiry form. Satisfy Website Users’ need for information. Renovalia’s legitimate interest in dealing with information request through the Website The may be processed by any companies in the Renovalia Energy Group S.L These data will not be processed by third parties other than Renovalia. International data transfers may take place in countries where Renovalia has a working operations centre. These are maintly México, Chile, Italy, Hungary and Canada. Until the information request is resolved.
Proposals from external collaborators through the on-line mailbox and public email addresses shown on the Website. Manage possible business relationships. Establish business contacts with potential suppliers or customers. Renovalia’s legitimate interest in dealing with suppliers’ requests through the Website The may be processed by any companies in the Renovalia Energy Group S.L. These data will not be processed by third parties other than Renovalia. International data transfers may take place in countries where Renovalia has a working operations centre. These are maintly México, Chile, Italy, Hungary and Canada. Until the end of the business relationship, or ten years after the conclusion of the established relationship, where appropriate.

Use of cookies and information collection technologies

A «cookie» may be defined as a text file stored on the hard drive or in the memory of the user who visits a website until the browser closes. Cookies make it possible to follow the trail of users from one page to another on one same website. Cookies are generated by web servers when users enter an Internet page, and are transferred to the user’s computer where they are stored for future access.

We use cookies solely in given areas of our website when we need to recall information on access and passwords, so that users do not need to re-register each time they wish to access such sections. You are not obligated to accept cookies and may therefore configure your browser so that it does not accept them. However, this may affect any personal configurations you have made and prevent us from identifying any preferences you may have chosen.

Third-party cookies also exist, which are duly described in our “Cookie Policy”.

User Rights

You are entitled to exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of processing, portability, opposition and revocation at any time, free of charge, by sending an e-mail to, indicating the right you wish to exercise and your identification details:

a) Right of access to your personal data, in order to know which ones are being processed and the processing operations carried out with them.

b) Right to rectify any inaccurate personal data. c) Right to delete your personal data, where possible.

d) Right to request limitation of the processing of your personal data whenever their accuracy, legality or need for processing is questionable, in which case we may retain them in order to exercise or defend claims.

e) Right to the portability of your personal data, whenever a contractual relationship or consent provides the legal basis that allows us to process them in the manner indicated in the table above.

f) Right to object to the processing of your personal data, whenever legitimate interest provides the legal basis that allows us to process them in the manner indicated in the table above. To this end, we will stop processing your data unless we have a compelling legitimate interest, or we require them for the formulation, exercise or defence of claims.

g) Right to revoke your consent at any time.

If you believe your personal details have not been processed appropriately, you may contact the Data Protection Delegate by sending an email to or a letter to Departamento de Administración, RGPD, Renovalia Energy Group, calle María de Molina, 54 – 9ª planta, Madrid, 28006 (Spain). Notwithstanding, you are hereby informed that you have the right to file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency whenever you believe there has been a breach of the relevant legislation.

Renovalia has forms for the exercise of rights, although it will also accept applications made on forms drafted by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. These forms must be electronically signed by the holder of the right, or his/her representative, and be accompanied by a photocopy of the right holder’s ID card, along with the representative’s ID card where applicable.

Renovalia will reply within no more than two months of your application.

Underage Users

Minors may not use the services available through the Website unless authorised by their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be solely liable for all actions on the Website by the minors in their care, including the filling out of forms with minors’ personal details and the checking of any boxes included in such forms.

Third-party data provided by Users

Renovalia will only process the Users’ personal data. Whenever the User intends to provide third-party data, he/she must contact the third party and obtain its consent before providing the data to Renovalia. Failure to comply with this measure will release Renovalia from any liability.

Security Measures

Renovalia adopts an optimal level of protection of the personal data we handle in accordance with the GDPR, having installed all the technical means and measures at our disposal. However, all use of the Internet is open to attack by malicious third parties, and technical security may be affected by loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of personal data.