Renovalia has completed Puertollano’s PV plant construction.

El Bonal,the new photovoltaic park by Renovalia in Castilla La-Mancha, in the city of Puertollano, is composed by five power plants, has a capacity of 79,2 megawatts (MW) and 240.000 units of photovoltaic modules with 330 watts (Wp) each one. El Bonal covers 105 hectares of land, which would be equivalent to the size of 140 soccer fields.

Construction started in February 2020 starting with relevance/suitability of the land, and the installation of the photovoltaic systems have extended over 9 months. In December 2020 the first production testing was done and the entry into production of the plant is expected very soon.

The farm’s output will be 124 gigawatts (GWh) per year. it will prevent the emission of more than 320.000 tonnes of CO2 per year anuales de CO2 into the atmosphere and enough clean energy to supply more than 35.000 homes. Its management and operation will be carried out by Renovalia, as part of his fully integrated platform’s strategy.

The commissioning of the plant represents a milestone for the Company regarding the development of the 2020-2023 business plan. Is the first of a serie of projects with a total power capacity of 1.500 MWs, and with an estimated investment of more than €800M, has declared José Manuel Olea, Renovalia’s CEO

Renovalia built in 2008, in Puertollano, the biggest photovoltaic park in Europe, currently in operation, with 47,6 megawatts (MW) of power capacity. The Company continues to reaffirm its commitment with renewable energy and shows the strenght of its project.