Signature of the social and environmental Cooperation Agreement
with Puertollano’s Town Council

In October 27th Renovalia signed a Cooperation Agreement with Puertollano’s Town Council focused in the rehabilitation and improvement of the children’s park and urban green areas.

The parks will be built with sustainable materials and inclusive elements, always respecting the environment. This project seeks to create open and friendly spaces and green areas by enhancing awareness of environmental protection.

A key element in this project is the involvement and participation of children and young people in the transformation of their city’s parks. Several working sessions of the «Council for Children and Adolescents» are in progress with groups of schoolchildren, in which they have expressed their opinions and made proposals for the new parks to be developed.

In doing so, Renovalia enhances its social responsibility commitment in the communities where it is present. Moreover, as part of Renovalia’s «Our Future is Green» project, each park renovation will be accompanied by actions and activities to raise awareness about the environment, promote renewable energies, protect nature, and encourage harmonious living in a sustainable, green city.

Through this project we support the Town Council in its project «La Ciudad que Queremos: Amable, Verde, Eficiente y Conectada» (The City we Want: Friendly, Green, Efficient and Connected).


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