Since last October, Renovalia has become a sponsor of the «Equipo Planeta» project, carried out by the Government of Castilla – La Mancha, through the Regional Ministry of Sustainable Development.

Equipo Planeta is a children’s television programme, which will be broadcast on the regional channel «Castilla – La Mancha Media», with online content, dynamic website, social networks…, podcasts and others. Its main objective is to promote respect and conservation of nature.

With a group of amusing characters, the spectators will get to know, admire, care for and respect the flora and fauna around them, with the Iberian Lynx as the «standard-bearer» species.

The objectives of Equipo Planeta identify with the objectives of Renovalia, with regard to its project «Our Future is Green – educating in environmental awareness» (OFG) and the protection of the Iberian Lynx, as Renovalia participates with UNEF (Spanish Photovoltaic Union) and National Parks in the campaign «El Sol con el Lince» (The Sun with the Lynx).

It will also be used to create a specific educational booklet and its corresponding didactic unit of the Renovalia project «OFG», which will be distributed in the schools of the Autonomous Community.

We consider that being a sponsor of «Equipo Planeta» is an opportunity for commitment to Society and in line with our main values and objectives of Corporate Social Responsibility.


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