As part of its commitment to the communities in which it operates and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, Renovalia wants to collaborate in preserving biodiversity. Recovering forests, soils and in general natural environments with their fauna and flora, is essential to mitigate the effects of climate change, since the loss of biodiversity and the climate crisis are interdependent.

Biodiversity is essential to life. Nature provides us with food, medicine, raw materials and contributes to our health and well-being. It also provides wealth for companies: half of the world’s GDP, 40 billion euros, depends on nature.

This is why Renovalia is involved in two projects that are examples of our commitment to protecting biodiversity: the conservation of the Natural Park “Las Bardenas Reales” and the “Laguna Blanca” natural environment.

Las Bardenas Reales, (Navarra) is a Natural Park and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Renovalia,  in collaboration with Valtierra’s City Council, participates in the dissemination of the environmental values of this great natural complex. Different habitats of exceptional value are represented here, as well as a great variety of fauna with diverse birds and mammals.

The Laguna Blanca (Ciudad Real) is a natural environment of volcanic origin very close to Puertollano where Renovalia is currently extending its photovoltaic plants. Renovalia will carry out actions for the conservation of volcanic elements, the creation of infrastructures to enhance the environment and facilitate public access, as well as to spread its natural values.


GAVI, Princess Asturias Award

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Agreement with Valtierra’s City Council

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