The World Vaccine Alliance GAVI of which Renovalia is a proud sponsor, has been awarded with the 2020 International Cooperation Princess Asturias Prize. The Princess of Asturias Foundation recognises GAVI «...for their work in facilitating universal access to vaccines to reduce the impact of infectious diseases and for contributing to the protection of half of the global child population through vaccination routines

The GAVI Vaccine Alliance is the first global public-private partnership in the fight against child mortality. Its mission is to save children’s lives and protect the health of the most vulnerable. Since its inception, GAVI has been able to vaccinate more than 700 million children and has prevented 10 million premature deaths.

Now, as scientists around the globe work on the COVID-19 vaccine, it is more necessary than ever to continue supporting childhood immunization programs driven by GAVI.

Renovalia will continue to support this cause that guarantees an indispensable good such as vaccines in developing countries, its importance for public health and the protection of most vulnerable. For all this and for its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Renovalia renews for one more year its participation in this Alliance.


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