In 2020, Renovalia continues with its Corporate Social Responsibility’s commitments in Mexico, through different actions that will improve the well-being of the communities where it is present.

Firstly, actions will be carried out to improve sports facilities, which will have a very positive impact on the population and especially on children and young people. The lighting will be provided for the football field built by Renovalia the past year, and it will cover both the indoor area and the changing rooms of the field as well as the outdoor facilities. Thanks to this lighting the students of Aerogubiños Football School* will be able to enjoy sports facilities at any time of the day.

To expand the impact of social action in the Unión’s Hidalgo community, a drainage system for waste water and concrete paving will be installed at 16 September Street, and public lighting will be installed by placing street lights with low energy consumption lamps.

Besides, four twenty-five metre towers will also be supplied and installed to illuminate “El Zapotal” sports hall, which is composed of a football field, an athletics track, two basketball courts and two volleyball courts. The lighting will be extended to the whole area inside and outside the enclosure, as well as the access bridge across the Espíritu Santo river and which links Unión Hidalgo’s village with the sport’s hall.

*“Aerogubiños School”, is a social project developed by Renovalia in coordination with Real Madrid Foundation, Bimbo and the NGOs “Crecemos” and “Cesal”. Its aim is to improve equal opportunities, social rights and food security among Oaxaca children through sports promotion, educational and nutritional reinforcement and environmental awareness.


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